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7 Essential Tips for Beginner Bodybuilders

By June 25, 2024Blog

So you just decided to take your physical well-being to the next level, or maybe you’ve been at it for some time and are not getting the results you imagined. BodybuildinBodybuilding g starts from the basics, so don’t skim over these essential tips for beginner bodybuilders. A big part of bodybuilding revolves around lifting heavy weights, but it is not even close to the complete picture. No doubt weights play a major role, but bodybuilding requires a lot more.

Set Clear Goals

Instead of just copying someone’s workout routine, make sure you realize your requirements. Set clear goals, and make sure they are realistic and achievable. They cannot be too easy so make sure they are somewhat challenging. Your goals can vary from bulking and gaining muscle mass to shredding or weight loss and stamina building.

Once you realize your goals you can curate a workout routine better suited for you to achieve your goals. Remember to give yourself ample time. Most people expect quick results and when they don’t occur they lose their motivation. That being said, do track your progress over time, record your progress weekly or monthly, and compare your results with your goals. This can help you make tweaks to improve if you start lacking.

Prioritize Nutrition

Focusing on your diet and nutrition is extremely important as it is responsible for more of the bodybuilding than even the workouts. Make sure to have a well-balanced diet that is rich in protein and has high amounts of carbs and healthy fat.

To fulfill your nutritional needs, you may also use supplements which can be bought from any workout supplements online store. Supplements like protein powders, creatine, and BCAA’s aid heavily in muscle building and recovery which can help fulfill your required daily targets without eating too many meals.

A personal recommendation if you don’t like to consume creatine in powder form is to try the bear balanced creatine gummies for Men. These high-quality gummies can replace chugging down heavy scoops.

Have A Balanced Workout Routine

Since you are just beginning you may not realize how important a balanced workout routine is. Make sure to have a mix of cardio, strength, and flexibility-focused exercises. Don’t instantly start focusing on one muscle group like arms, chest, etc. Instead opt for compound exercises like bench presses, squats, and deadlifts, these work for multiple groups simultaneously.

Remember your strength and endurance will increase gradually so there is no shame in starting on lower weights. Do not ego lift it can cause injuries if you are not careful and instead of hitting new PRs you might end up in an ER.

Use lower weights and master form and technique first, later on, you may start increasing weights gradually via supersets.


As a beginner you should allow your body and muscles to rest and adapt to the new routine, No more than three to four workouts a week, doing any more can cause severe cramps and muscle strain. When your body rests the muscles start to expand and heal and although it may seem counterintuitive at first you will understand the importance of rest days eventually.

It will reduce the chances of sore muscles and when you circulate between upper and lower body exercises throughout the week the next time you revolve to the same group your muscles will be completely recovered for an engaging workout session.

Wear Proper Attire And Use Proper Equipment

When thinking about gym attire and equipment the first things that probably come to our minds are probably clothing like an athletic performance t-shirt for men and women. There is no denying that these are important besides the fashion standpoint, they allow for maximum flexibility and soak up a lot of sweat so your workouts are not frustrating and distracting.

But, besides clothing there is also other equipment that you should have on standby for when needed, these include weight belts, lifting gloves, running shoes, etc.… These reduce the chances of any kind of injuries during specific exercises and ensure a more fun workout session.

 Stay Hydrated

A gym session tends to make you sweat a lot, and to stay healthy and fresh it is important to drink eight to ten glasses of water every day. Dehydration can kill the motivation to go to the gym, cause more fatigue, result in lower stamina and endurance, and even kill gains.

For example, creatine causes a lot of water to be stored in muscles to help them expand, when this happens your normal intake of water may not be enough for the body and you would have to drink more water than normal to keep the rest of the body hydrated and in full running shape.

Remain Consistent

For anything in life, Consistency is key. Results won’t occur overnight, to get your dream physique you have to stay consistent and dedicated, this means no extra cheat days, no excuses to skip gym days, eating the right number of calories, and staying committed to your goals.

Tracking progress is a good way of measuring your consistency, do not look at it too closely though. By this I mean, in the start you may not lose any weight for example, but after a few months, your weight will drop by bigger margins, at one point it may become a decrease in weight with a lesser amount, this does not mean you are not consistent or that you are slacking off. That is just how the body functions, consistency should be in the part where you are reducing body weight by a minimum amount every week or month for example.


Starting your fitness journey can be daunting at first but by mastering the basics of exercising and nutrition, and following a plan with dedication and patience, it is a journey that is always worth it. The key is to never give up, wear proper attire, use proper accessories, stay hydrated, and give your body time to rest and recover. Rinse and repeat your way into advanced gym sessions and one day you WILL achieve the physique you are hunting for right now.

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