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Creatine 101: Usage and Benefits

By June 21, 2024Blog

If you have recently stepped into the fitness industry you for sure have come across the word creatine. For a long time, creatine has been the most researched and talked about supplement. This is not just for bodybuilders even athletes and other sports enthusiasts are drooling over creatine. The way it boosts performance enhances strength, and supports mental health makes it the talk of the show.

As a beginner, you would be clueless about what creatine is. How to use it? And what benefits does it provide? This blog will paint the entire picture for you in the simplest of forms so that you can get the answer to all your questions.

What is Creatine?

Creatine also referred to as creatine phosphate is a metabolite that is naturally generated by the human body. It is produced with the help of three amino acids that are Arginine, Glycine, and Methionine. It is created in the liver and mainly stored in the skeletal muscle. Not only that it is also found in the brain and heart.

 It is usually developed with a dietary intake of meat and fish but the experts at Out Of This World Supplements have made it easier. With our creatine product gummies in USA, you generate creatine without the use of meat and other products. Our gummies can fulfill your creatine needs effectively in no time.

What Does Creatine Do?

Now that we know creatine is naturally produced the next big question is what is its job? Creatine improves health and performance in many ways. This is why athletes and gym freaks use it constantly. It increases your phosphocreatine which helps in producing adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This is the main energy source for your body and assists highly when exercising or lifting weights. Its ability to quickly fill in the space for ATPs makes it a great energy booster during high-intensity workouts.

Benefits of Creatin

Since creatine is naturally produced it has to have some kind of benefits for the human body otherwise it would not have been in the system. Aside from improving performance, there are other benefits associated with the use of creatine. Let us have a look at these benefits.

  1. Muscle growth

Creatine is the best supplement for muscle growth as it satisfies your protein needs hence amplifying the fiber used for muscle growth. Many studies back this fact up that creatine has helped many people in their muscle growth journey. It allows you to:

  • Work out longer
  • Improves cell signaling
  • Higher cell hydration
  • Decreased protein breakdown
  • Reduced myostatin levels

All of this enhances your muscle growth. If you are looking for some next-level muscle growth our muscle bodybuilding supplements in USA, are made for you. With the right amounts of protein and creatine, our supplements help with muscle growth like magic. 

  1. Boosts Brain Power

Your brain is in constant work even when you are not working. Hence making it the highest energy-consuming organ in the human body. It uses about 20% of your metabolic energy every day and the only way to have constant metabolic supply is through creatine. Brain cells utilize the extra energy produced at times when needed the most hence boosting the brain’s ability to work. Moreover as said earlier it is stored in the brain thus a constant supply keeps your brain feeling healthy and away from tiredness. It keeps you away from neurodegenerative diseases and traumatic brain injuries.

  1. Other Health Benefits

Apart from these research also shows that creatine provides other health benefits like reducing the blood sugar levels for those suffering from diabetes. It uses sugar levels to make energy hence keeping your glucose level balanced. Furthermore, it helps with fatty liver disease mostly nonalcoholic ones. Lastly, it improves heart health which in turn reduces the chances of having strokes leading you to a healthier and safer life.

As important as it is to be physically fit your mental health also requires attention. For that, you have to be in a positive state of mind, always be happy with the decisions you make, spend quality time for yourself, choose what is right for you, and wear the right clothes just like our men’s athletic performance t-shirt. 

How is Creatine Consumed?

Creatine is mostly used with a loading phase which maximises creatine power. Normally people consume it in servings of 5 grams and take that 4 times a day. These are followed by high protein and carb diets which help digest the creatine properly. Although some people choose to skip the loading phase and consume 3 to 5 grams per day, this method takes longer to give the results. It is advised that you stay hydrated when consuming creatine and always use it safely with calculated portions so that you do not go overboard and end up causing yourself harm.

Can Women Use Creatine?

This is an important question to address and one must know that YES women can consume creatine just as men. While many supplements are gender-based and not ideal for women creatine is not one of those. Women acquire the same benefits from creatine as men do and the same implications follow for them. It must be noted that the dosage may vary for some women otherwise it causes no harm. You can always pair it up with our athletic performance t-shirt for women. These are the best quality activewear t-shirts for women who work out and make them stand out in the gym and exercise in style.


Creatine is the most talked about supplement for a reason. Countless researches have been conducted regarding the negative effects of creatine but none have found anything that stands out. Creatine is the healthiest most effective supplement that can help you rush through your muscle-building journey.

As always everything stays and feels right when it is done with the right research. Make sure you do not overconsume as it could be dangerous. Make sure to choose the right creatine products and do not go for cheap unreliable products that may cause problems for you in the future. 

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